Cookie the Hedgehog

I'm Cookie the Hedgehog! I have a split pink and black nose and a two toned face! I like mint leaves, meal worms and cat treats. I also like hiding in my snuggle sack and giving my owner pokes to let her know I love her. I also like hiding under blankets and playing peekaboo!

Take a look at this care post that is linked below so maybe YOU can have a hedgehog! :)

Snacks and warm towel hugs make for a happy hedgehog!

The one in the middle is my favorite :)


I don’t know what this face means but I love it

Cutest hedgehog photoshoot ever! (Those are work scars, not self harm)

She’s getting so much bigger! :)

I can’t handle the cuteness

Hello fellow Tumblrans! Lately, I’ve been getting an astonishing amount of questions regarding hedgehogs and their maintenance! So here, I have a Youtube video made by Animal Planet and it covers the general basis of hedgehogs as pets! Take some time and watch the video! :)